P.O.Box 4, Pythagorion, Samos, Tel: +30 22730 61761

Email: info@electra-samos.gr

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The hotel seems that is named after ELECTRA (Greek: ΗΛΕΚΤΡΑ) the famous princess of Mycenae, daughter of King Agamemnon and Queen Clytemnestra. Mythology relates that she had helped Pylades and her brother Orestes kill Clytemnestra and Aegisthus (their mother and her lover). Nevertherless the true story is that the hotel is named after the owners mother whose name is ELECTRA as well and she’s the one who guarantees the personal and friendly touch of this cozy family run hotel.

The Electra Apartments & Studios is located in Pythagorion the most famous resort on Samos island GREECE in the East part of the Aegean Sea next to Asia Minor. Since the hotel is set at the quite east side of Pythagorion, 1.5 km far away from town’s noise, on a hill close to the Yachting Marina, is the perfect choice for those guests who don’t want to live in towns centre but want to get all what the charming town gives to its guests. Least but not last the Electra Apartments & Studios is the best choice for anyone who thinks of a low budget holiday on Samos to meet quality and more of all service.

The category (Á) apartments boasting nice views of the bewitching Heraion Bay and the surrounding lush area full of pine trees and olive groves. The Electra Apartments & Studios style follows the traditional architecture of Samos built in a six square kilometre garden, where island’s nature meets Pythagorion’s cosmopolitan atmosphere. The all area is covered by beautiful Aegean-sea beaches with pebbles and sand.





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